Issue 1,E-magazine

JERAR Magazine is a monthly one. Which has been prepared for two years to be a syllabus for the courses of “JERAR Institute” that aim at teaching the skills required for writing articles in the first place. The first issue of JERAR Magazine is opened by the writer Dr. Nawal El saadawi Key Cover Titles: An Article by Dr. Nawal El Saadawi: The first issue of Jerar Magazine is opened by the writer Dr. Nawal El Saadawi Love in Societies: The truth about ‘Virginal Love’ and its relation to sadism! Matriarchal Society: Polygamy is a right of both partners, Maternal filiation The Abolition of Polygyny: From polyandry in matriarchal society to polygyny in current societies, we have become less developed! The Universe: How did it come into being? Out of the blue or after the Big Bang?! The latest theories about its formation Sexual Awareness: “Children have the right to be provided with sex education in every stage of their life.” Upbringing and sex education in the Arab World in addition to their effects. I demand: A platform for every woman

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