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We are JERAR Publishing House

We were five women writing articles for JERAR Magazine with a big dream to be issued 2019.

We finished 7 issues approximately 2020.

At the end of the year the idea of JERAR Institute is starting to emerge and the first issue of the magazine has been released 2020.

Monthly issue of the magazine, paper and electronic in both Arabic and English. The number of our team has increased to be 5 editors, 4 translators, two designers and a programmer2021.

At the end of the year, the idea of JERAR Linguistic Academy for girls began to emerge. And the publishing house began issuing books and kids stories 2021.

The first group of JERAR Institute has graduated as editors and trainers. And the idea of JERAR Studio for design and programming began to emerge. The team has also become: two persons on the board of directors, 5 editors, 7 translators, 3 designers and two programmers 2021.

First participation in the Sant Jordi Book Festival in Barcelona. And launching of JERAR linguistic academy for girls, in which about 17 girls were registered ..2022.

Launching the JERAR Studio which is a creative project. With a lot of effort and love.. 2023.

Why choose JERAR publishing to publish your book?

We support women's literature in the first place. We also encourage young men and women to publish their intellectual works in a modern format under the banner of digital books with our special application to read our published books. We do this because we adopt a sustainable work method.

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